Bob Aran

1959 M38A1 Willys Jeep

M38 A1 Willys Jeep (Commonly known as a Willys MD). Light Utility 4x4. Reg No. USV 689, Vim No. MD15911, Engine No. TB159E. Colour Green.
All marking original, as found prior to ground up refurb. US Army 8033904: HQ-3: 66_FA (Field Artillary)
The hood is original US Army winter issue of rubberised canvas and the large rear window and was common in US Jeep serving in later years in UK.
This vehicle was built under licence for Willys in Holland and was imported by the US Army in 1959 and originally intended to serve in Vietnam, but never went.
Current mileage 30983.
Released by US Army 4.5.1994 and given the Reg. No. BOC 474E.
The Reg No. was changed 21.7.1994 to USV 689