Voytek Wojciechowski

1971 GAZ 69-68E
1962 KMZ K 750

1971 GAZ 69-68E Orel-1
I bought this truck in 2010 just a few moths after it has been decomissioned form Polish military with very low mileage in 100% original condition.
My GAZ was fitted with very rare wooden hard-top called OREL-1M (Eagle-1M). It was the genuine Russian top built for the army. It was designed for the intelligence service (the KGB) as a radio scanner. Equipped with 'radio transparent' wooden top, covered with regular canvas for camouflage, even little blinds in the back windows it could drive without looking 'suspicious'. The whole apparatus, including the antenna was hidden inside. The production started in 1968 and it is estimated that no more than 10 were built every year till 1971.
The hardtop now has been removed due to it's rapid decay.
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1962 KMZ K 750
Those Russian motorcycles were used by the Polish army in 1960's. A great companion for the GAZ.
Undergoing an extensive restoration.
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