Welcome to our website.
We are the "North Oxon & Cotswolds Area"
of the
"Military Vehicle Trust" (MVT)

The MVT is a charitable organisation which is committed to conserving ex-Military Vehicles.

Our part of that organisation is made up of a collection of enthusiasts who share an interest in historic military vehicles. Anyone interested in joining our area should contact our Secretary, Tim Gosling on (01608) 811 698. You don't need to own a military vehicle yourself. An interest in these vehicles is more than sufficient and you will be made most welcome.

If you'd like to come to one of our meetings please contact us. If you own a vehicle and would like access to people who can help and support you, or if you're thinking of buying a vehicle then you've come to the right place.

Latest Updates:

20th August 2019
Pictures from our 'Greedy Goose' Summer Road Run and War & Peace Show.
19th February 2019
Pictures from our Winter Road Run.
16th August
124 pictures from our annual Road Run and Green Laning.
8th August
Images from the War and Peace Show. So far there are 130 of them...
25th June
Many, many, many updates in the 'Events' and 'Our Vehicles' sections.